Warehousing services of SOLID LOGISTICS

Nowadays cargo import is an essential part of business. Sometimes business owners need to deliver goods from abroad quickly and reliably, and after that the product is used for different purposes, from first hand trade to shipping to next location. However, the goods have to be kept somewhere before exploitation, so business owners need warehousing services.

Nowadays there are a lot of companies possessing thousands of warehouses throughout Russia and offering help in storage of cargo. But in most cases the need in storage appears while transporting the goods from one place to another so that clients contact both Logistics Company and Storage Company. It is not only costly, but also routine and it would be much easier and more profitable to use complex of services given by one company.

Shipping company SOLID LOGISTICS, rendering a wide range of services in logistics from delivery to customs clearance and storage, is ready to give you such an alternative. We offer warehousing services and cargo consolidation for the better transportation in the future. For this purpose we combine a few items from different senders and ship them using one mode of transport that helps to reduce the delivery cost.

We provide clients with warehousing services in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Northwestern Federal District and other regions of Russian Federation. Company SOLID LOGISTICS rents a lot of warehouses in a large area. Besides warehouse complex in Saint Petersburg, we have storage warehouses in Finland, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, China and UAE.