Usually warehouses are classified according to its’ function. Therefore, there are the following types of warehouses:

  • Customs warehouse.

These are buildings for storage goods being in a customs clearance.

  • Manufacturing warehouse.

Designed for storage of materials, components, raw materials and finished products.

  • Reserved warehouse.

Used for covering reserves for emergency cases.

  • Hub.

Designed for short-term storage of goods in transit by different modes of transport. Usually such warehouses are located closely to airports, maritime terminals, railway stations, long haul trucking terminals.

  • Commercial warehouse.

Designed for storage of any type of goods.

  • Wholesale warehouse.

Designed for storage of perishable products.

  • Warehouse retailer.

Owned by commercial enterprises.

  • Warehouse for pre-scheduled delivery.

A specific type of buildings, in which the good may be delivered only in a certain season.

  • Seasonal storage warehouse.

For storage of seasonal products.

  • Military warehouse.

Designed for storage of goods for armed forces.

Types of warehouses of SOLID LOGISTICS