Customs services of SOLID LOGISTICS

Having own business often implies import of goods from abroad, and if the principal direction is import, you cannot do without services offered by a logistics company. However, anyone who uses services of transportation from abroad knows perfectly well that you cannot just leave it at that. After the goods are shipped, there is another procedure – customs clearance, obligatory for all types of cargo from abroad. At that, the main problem is not the complexity of the process, but dozens of necessary documents and conventionalism.

Usually there is a customs broker, a separate company, which represents the interests of client-importer. Customs broker is in charge of consulting, preparing documents, carrying out calculations with customs etc. Obviously, these services are costly and they don’t seem cost efficient, especially if the dimensions and the delivery cost are not that big.

Signature feature of the company SOLID LOGISTICS is rendering the whole complex of services besides cargo delivery including customs clearance. Our staff will prepare all necessary documents and submit these to customs authority at the appointed time. Workflow of our work while customs clearance is as the following:

  • We collect the most detailed information on the incoming cargo with your help.
  • We find the most favorable route and take measures of customs work.
  • We help you to draw up a foreign trade contract.
  • We prepare necessary documents of your cargo and analyze their compliance with Russian Legislation and customs control regulations.
  • We make a code so that the good gets customs classification decision by Federal Customs Service.
  • We conform to customs service specific things and process of transporting the cargo across the border.
  • We arrange e-declaration of the cargo.
  • We receive the cargo on the way out from customs.
  • We deliver it to the destination and arrange its storage if necessary.
  • We send you full package of documents confirming the permission to import the cargo in accordance with Russian Federation law.
  • You receive the good and pay the bill for services performed.

At that, cargo delivery from abroad can be performed by all means of transport except of rail. Cargo itself can be of any size, weight and type (the only exception is perishable products). We make customs clearance in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Northwestern Federal District and other regions of Russian Federation. The cost of customs services is calculated individually for each cargo that allows avoiding additional expenses while delivery and documentation process.