Each consignment of goods imported on a territory of Russian Federation needs a certification.

Globally speaking there are 2 types of certification: mandatory and voluntary.

  • Mandatory certification.

All the products listed in legislative list of products subject to compulsory certification must have this type of certificate. The aim of this action is to provide security and ecological properties of goods.

  • Voluntary certification.

As a rule, it is carried out only at the initiative of suppliers, vendors or manufacturers to increase the demand of goods, ensuring competitiveness and additional advertising.

types of certification of SOLID LOGISTICS

Other types of certification

Depending on the type of goods there are also such types of certifications as GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity, Declaration of conformity, State Registration Certificate of Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being, Permit to Use Equipment and others.

Company SOLID LOGISTICS arranges all necessary permits for importation.