SOLID LOGISTICS provides various services related to customs clearance, and we also work on cargo insurance.

This procedure is obligatory. And it can be carried out in 3 different types:

  • А – all risks insurance.

If you insure the goods in category A, you get the most complete protection. In this case, the freight forwarder shall fully reimburse losses received from a wide variety of actions, even military ones.

  • В – insurance for particular average.

The responsibility lies on a responsible party if the goods have been damaged as a result of natural disasters or traffic accidents. It also includes cases of missing vehicles.

  • С – insurance for damage (except of accidents of vehicles) without responsibility.

The insurer pays compensation only if there has been the destruction of the whole or a part of cargo at similar conditions with the category B.

Cargo insurance of SOLID LOGISTICS

Company SOLID LOGISTICS will insure cargo by any type at your option.