If you need to deliver cargo to the destination as fast as possible and preferably to the door, it's better to choose multimodal (combined) transportation. Its advantage lies in the fact that transportation is handled by different means of transport: road, rail, sea, air. Multimodal transportation greatly helps to calculate the delivery time and route accurately.


What is in Range of Multimodal Transportation Offered by SOLID LOGISTICS?

  • Working out individual plan for rendering logistics services.
  • Arranging of transportation from around the world.
  • Individual handling.
  • Cargo delivery.
  • Arranging terminal operation in ports.
  • Customs clearance and declaring.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Complex calculation.
  • Cargo tracking and monitoring.

There is a number of shipping companies which offer Multimodal transportation nowadays. However, far from every company can provide clients with favorable terms of cooperation. It is connected with the fact that shipping company bears enormous responsibility that leads to setting high prices for services.

Luckily our company arranges the best routes and quickly performs the duties. We do our best to offer our clients the most favorable terms for cooperation. And it is not a big deal for our employees because of their professionalism, skills and vast experience.

Multimodal Transportation SOLID LOGISTICS

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modes of Transport

If you want to share your ideas on a matter of using a mode of transport, please refer to their advantages and disadvantages.

High maneuverability, prompt delivery "from door to door."

High cost, small tonnage.

Company SOLID LOGISTICS selects the mean of transport so that only its advantages will be while shipping.