Not only representative of large manufacturing companies, but also owners of medium and small businesses cannot do without shipping services if their work is connected with selling. For these organizations it is extremely important to deliver the goods in its entirety and good condition to anywhere around the world.

Professionals' support is the Best for Your Business

If you want to get reliable partner and ally, contact us! The company SOLID LOGISTICS takes all the charges related to forwarding the cargo, both for export and import. We guarantee secure delivery in time. If you order container shipping in SOLID LOGISTICS, all the stages of cargo delivery will be thoroughly controlled!

Container shipping SOLID LOGISTICS

5 Advantages of Our Company

  • Individual work with each client.
  • Building trust-based relations with clients.
  • Suggesting a manager to work with in person.
  • Fixed price of customs clearance.
  • Fixed date of cargo execution.

We help our clients to reduce expenses to the maximum. How do we nail it? We do not make mistakes and oversights that cause penalty and other financial losses.

SOLID LOGISTICS transports goods in containers by various means of transport. We offer shipping by road, by rail and by sea for the purpose.

Why is it Profitable to Ship Goods in Containers?

  • Containers maintain the integrity of the goods thanks to robust design.
  • Most companies deliver containers “door to door”, so do we. We guarantee to deliver the cargo to necessary location.
  • You are able to track the cargo to find out its location and condition any time.
  • We are able not only to transport good but also store it in containers if necessary.

We stick to all standards of registration and shipment of containers. It is a guarantee that your business will grow steadily in any place.